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Know the Different Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The other name of the work erectile dysfunction is known to be the impotency. One of the manifestation of erectile dysfunction is the lack of ability to produce or maintain an erection. Many research has been conducted throughout the years regarding on the condition and it was in their findings that approximately forty percent of the men in their forties are having the condition. That large number of men are actually surprising to know especially considering the agony of the erectile dysfunction. In fact the effects of the disorder can result to long term suffering if left unattended. Being an active man and having to observe such signs and symptoms of the ED or erectile dysfunction. The very good thing that you have to do is to talk with your doctor. The medical team in the hospital would be the one that will examine you and take necessary measures to attend to your medical needs. With all of the examination done and findings were already made available to them, they can now give you the right diagnoses to your condition and may even provide for the prescription drugs that you should be taken for in your treatment process. Those are just among the many things you can do to address your issue, and a lot of other things and possible solutions will still be available for you and the other sufferer. You need to be extra careful not to be stressed always as it will encourage your condition to worsen and you have to be able to get a regular check up to see the recovery and solution for your condition.

Fortunately enough because of the advancement in the medical fields. Certain breakthroughs have been recorded in the medication of the erectile dysfunction or ED. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are among the highly used drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of men and they are all available for the sufferers. If you are someone who is interested to know about how these drugs can treat the condition and what their distinctions are with each other. You can learn more about that here. Many pharmacy in Canada are selling the drugs for ED. The Viagra has a generic name of sildenafil, the Cialis is tadalafil while the Levitra is vardenafil. These drugs are closely related and works as an inhibitor that relaxes the muscles and increase blood flow in the body. They can be taken orally as they are in tablet forms. It is not safe for pregnant and lactating mom. Their major differences would be that the Viagra and Levitra can cause dizziness while Cialis will not, Viagra is also the only drug among the three that can cause nausea and not indigestion.