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Signs and Symptoms of Phallus Disorders

Now that most men will measure their virility by looking at the functionality and size of their phallus, they will want to keep it as healthy as possible. You must know that it is not just about the size if you want to know that you have a healthy phallus. For you to maintain a healthy phallus, you will be required to make sure that you are keeping a keen observation on it and noticing any small signs or changes. There are some very common disorders that you can assume, and when they are not treated they can lead to serious problems. Read this page to understand some of these phallus disorders that you must be keen about and handle them before they advance.

First, you need to take note of the erectile dysfunction. It can be a very serious health condition that affects men especially those who are of the age forty years and above. You will realize that this disorder can be caused by so many factors for instance stress. Things like obesity and also high blood pressure play a very big role in causing this kind of phallus disorder.

Second, the Peyronie’s disease which results from a scar that occurs inside the phallus of a man. When this occurs, a man will always have a phallus that erects facing in one direction. This peyronies disease will always cause discomfort in men but they will still be able to have sex. If you fail to rectify this disorder in time; they can end up being affected with the erectile dysfunction as well. Once this phallus dysfunction has not been rectified, and it is very late, the only thing that will follow will be to be operated on.

Balanitis is yet another serious problem of the phallus that needs to be treated on time. This kind of the phallus disorder is very common in men who are yet to be circumcised. It comes because of the bacteria and the dirt that is usually trapped by the skin of the phallus at the tip.

In a case where you get to erect every given time, you could be having the priapism which is a condition that can turn out to be bad . It is hard for you to hide an erection that has happened without any warning since you have the priapism disorder. Now that be erection occurs on its own, you will be ashamed when it happens in public In the event of sex, you will realize that the erection will last for some hours and this turns the pleasure mood into severe pain. Once you realize such a condition as a man, it will be necessary for you to seek medical help with an immediate effect.