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3 Perfect Spots in Florida for a Vacation Home

If you want to have a place where you can spend a vacation at any time of the year, you might find what you are looking for in Florida. The most beautiful and wonderful spot in the whole world is the beach. If you are by chance searching for a prospective vacation home to purchase in Florida, you will find yourself loving it no doubt.

Here listed are places for your to buy your perfect Florida vacation home.


The best place in Florida, by far, for a vacation home is Nevarre. The place’s beach features an amazing pier that goes further into the ocean, perfect for fishing and watching the sun set. But if you don’t have the feel for some waves, Navarre also has a calm bay which is perfect for kayaking and some jet skiing.

The city proper is a wonderfully thriving area, home to many restaurants, fancy hotels, and not to mention beach houses. Navarre has a very low crime rate, making it very relaxing and very safe.


Destin is home to a variety of scrumptious seafood restaurants for it features the perfect fishing spot because just a few feet away from its shores are deep waters.
Destin is also a wonderful place for those who want to sightsee some dolphins.

Although Destin may not have the same crime rate as Navarre, it is still very safe for the crime rate sit’s significantly low below the Florida state median.

If you can’t decide between the two equally amazing locations, don’t fuzz! Destin is just 37 minutes away from Navarre, this allows you to go back and forth between to amazing locations wherever you might want to reside between the two.

Sanibel Island

If you are a big fan of seashells, look no more for Sanibel Island is the perfect place for you.

This place sits high up the safety ladder, having a crime rate lower Navarre. Some would say that that this is one of the country’s safest cities.

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Cayo Costa Island

Those with a desire for adventure then Cayo Costa is the perfect spot. If you are a fan of island survival books, this is the place where you will be able to put those information into practice.

This is a great place for a getaway and just spending time away from the world without that “stranded in a deserted island in the middle of nowhere” kind of feeling. You will take in and enjoy a number of flora and fauna and very peaceful beaches.