Practical and Helpful Tips:

Useful Tips for Your Bonnaroo Camping

In the state of Tennessee is where you are going to find the Bonnaroo which is an annual festival. By reading this article, you will discover more about some of the useful tips for your Bonnaroo camping.

It is advisable that you pick up dry ice in the grocery stores. By having dry ice, you will be able to have an extension of the life of the ice in the cooler. It is also highly recommended for you to pre-freeze your water bottles before attending the event. Pre-freezing will ensure that your ice will stay colder for a long time.

It is also important to ensure that you have a tent that can be distinguished from the rest because then, you’re going to find it easily. One way that you can easily identify your tent is by having a flag raised near it or even a balloon.

Also, when setting out for your Bonnaroo festival, have a mini-toiletry bag, TP and at the same time, also carry a pack of wet wipes. Having this will give you a better pooping experience. It is also a good idea to go to the portable toilets during the morning because that is when they are cleanest.

Another camping tip for your Bonnaroo festival is ensuring that you have a solar charger. Since you are going to stay for some time at the Bonnaroo festival, you need a way to charge some of electronics and the solar charger will do just that.

You can also purchase a large plastic container for your water storage during the start of every day so that you can use the water for the rest of the day. You may also want to consider ditching your tent so that not to experience the hot temperatures inside the tent during your sleeping hours. As alternatives for your tent, you may consider a portable hammock, spreading out a tarp on the ground or vehicle sleeping.

As a bonus to the necessities that you will be having during the Bonnaroo festival, you can also consider current some good music, tapestries and streamers. Be sure to visit this site so that you can find some of the other things that you can add to your necessities. To have the best experience during the Bonnaroo festival, also ensure that you store your valuables in the car so that they don’t get stolen. You can also ensure that you have a first-aid kit and a duct tape for your Bonnaroo camping. Ensure that you visit the website of this company to learn other tips to use during your Bonnaroo festival.