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Review on Some of the Best Summer Water Games and Activities for Kids

The first game is have a ball. Being that there are many cheap balls, you will be able to create a game that will keep children amused for hours. One thing that you should do is to use ropes in marking a square or a circle on your lawn and place balls of various weights and sizes within the rope boundary. After which, you should hand them a garden hose and task them to push each of the balls outside the rope in less than 60 seconds using water stream from the hose. It will be more fun with more than one kid as you can turn it into a competition which will leave them all soaked and giggling.

The next game is water jump. You find that this game helps in boosting kid’s coordination though it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this case, you will have to choose an individual to operate a garden hose. Then use a strong stream of water and make the kids to snake the hose back and forth under the players’ feet while each participant tries to jump over it. Besides, you can increase frequency depending on the age of the kids. The game ends with the participant with the driest feet becoming the winner.

The next activity is Backyard Bathtime. You find that this game is good for all ages including infants. Start by grabbing your kiddie pool and fill it with bath toys and bubbles. With that done let the baby enjoy outdoor bath experience. It is true that older kids might not enjoy this at first but if you give them the time they will come to like it.

Tag with a Twist is another fun game. Tell your kids to play tag with a twist in place of the chaotic water gun fights. Beside, this is essential when you don’t have enough water guns for everyone. Here only one person will get the gun and tag other players using the squirt gin instead of using their hands.

The other fun game is sponge splash. You should know that this game requires a little more setup than the previous ones. In this case, you will need at least two buckets per team and one sponge each. It is essential to note that this is an essential team building activity which can be used to teach valuable lessons during a series of VBS water games. One bucket should be filled with water and the other one remains dry. Then give them sponge and ask them to transfer all the water to an empty bucket using the sponge. Where the first team to fill the bucket with water will win.