Avoid refined grains and sugars in your diet. Dieters should cut out sugary snacks and beverages along with white breads, pastas, rice and potatoes. Doing so could go a long way toward preventing metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes. His colleague, Dr. Frank Hu agreed, saying the carbs from refined sugar and flour add to the problem of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
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Whole and Healthy make your bread and cereal choices whole grain items. Those items are lost in the milling process for white bread, white rice and processed cereals. Even if milled grain foods are enriched with artificial sources of iron and B-vitamins, the dietary fiber in whole-grain foods is lost during the milling process. Try to eat about three slices of whole grain bread or 1 cups of whole grain cereal daily.
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Low-Fat Meat and Dairy keep your fat intake low while getting plenty of protein for strong muscles and calcium for strong bones by choosing low-fat meat and dairy items. The Harvard School of Public Health says that salmon makes a healthier choice than beef for protein-rich food because the fish contains a quarter of the fat that beef contains. You can also choose poultry or legumes for healthy protein sources with less fat. When choosing dairy items, look for low-fat milk dairy foods, rather than whole milk, to keep your fat intake in check. Try to eat about 6 oz.