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Differences between Spray-On and Drop-In Bed Liners
Buying a truck can be excellent but you have to make sure it is protected especially the truck bed. Investing in a bed liner will make sure heavy cargo do not scratch the truck bed plus it gives you peace of mind knowing you have won’t have to deal with repairs regularly. If you’ve recently heard about bed liners than they are a good option of protecting your truck bed and their different types to choose from such as the drop in bed liner and spray-on bed liner.

It is highly advisable to know what you are looking for when purchasing a bed liner since each one has unique features. The drop in bed liner is usually a plastic shell, and it can fit onto the surface of the truck bed while a spray-on bed liner has a thick and rubber-like material which is spread on the truck bed. Before choosing a bed liner dealer, you have to check whether they have excellent reviews from past clients which the quality of the product.

Drop-in liners are the best for anybody who wants a bed liner which is easy to install. One does not need a lot of training to install the drop-in bed liner since it is done by bolting them, so they are secured onto the truck bed. You can remove the drop in bed liner anytime which is convenient for anyone who does not want it to wear and tear fast. Although the drop in bed liner is easy to install, it is essential to be careful since they get damaged quickly but efficient when it comes to protecting the truck bed.

The drop in bed liner leave spaces and gaps where water and dirt will accumulate over a period of time when it is not cleaned regularly. The spray-on bed liner has a lot of advantages, but the disadvantage might be because it will be difficult to remove it because it is sprayed on the truck bed. The spray-on bed liner is usually a premium protection solution and can be expensive to other types of drop-in bed liners. A lot of options when you select the spray-on bed liner since you get to choose their finish, strength of the coating and color you want.

Several spray-on bed liner manufacturers use polyurethane which is tough compared to other materials. Since the spray-on bed liner offers a rubber-like surface it will be difficult for cargo to move around plus you do not have to worry about water and that accumulating since there will be no space on the sides. It is better to invest on something that will last more which is why spray on bed liners are a good choice if you want to enjoy numerous benefits.